Billie’s Black Bar, Lounge, and Restaurant!

pouring wine in glass

Looking for a place to hang out near your garage door in Michigan? Come and hang out now on Billie’s Black Bar, Lounge, and Restaurant! There are simply so many amenities here that will appeal to you whether you are looking simply to relax or to have some fun.


group of people inside a bar

We have always opened our lounge for people who want to hang around and chill from time to time. The Billie’s Black Lounge has proven to be one of the perfect places to visit when going out with friends or family. We offer you a great and wide place that you can just visit even if you are only looking to pass the time or to relax. We are open to both the customers of our bar and restaurants and you can always come here once you feel that you need a break from our bar or our restaurant. We have here many activities to enjoy so no downtime for you. It is the perfect hangout place while you are waiting for your number to be called in our restaurant or when you like to have a little peace and quiet after visiting our bar. We invite you to Billie’s Black Lounge and hang out with your friends, family, or even by only yourself!

happy hour


Come and get you special drink in our bar!

Billie’s Black Bar is open from 11 pm to 1 am and you are welcome to visit anytime! We offer you a variety of drinks that you can choose from when you visit us. The Billie’s Bar can guarantee to provide you with amazing drinks that you can have at late hours whether it’s after work or after having a long day! By visiting us, you can surely have a better day especially when you try out our liquors. You can come all by yourself if you want to have alone time or be with your friends or family. The Billie’s Bar is open for any kind of celebration so you may also visit us if you want to come with anyone who you will celebrate with. If you come to our bar on your birthday, you will be given a discount so make sure that you come to our place. We will be waiting for you!


great dish for you

Are you a fan of great dishes? Then the Billie’s Black Restaurant is the perfect place for you to go!

We are inviting you to dine in with us here in Billie’s Black Restaurant. Our place is full of great dishes that are offered to anyone. We are proud to present you with many cuisines that can satisfy your distinct cravings. If you are tired of your normal meals, you can always come and visit our restaurant because Billie’s Black restaurant is here to provide you with not just one type of cuisine but many more.

You can enjoy more than one type of food in this restaurant and you can always bring your friends and family along with you! The Billie’s Black restaurant is open from 7 am until 11 pm! Feel free to come and dine at our place whenever you want. We are just near your place and we will surely open up more branches for you to visit in the future.

Garage Door Repair for Broken Springs

Garage door is a very important equipment to secure your home and vehicle even when you are out of town. Many homeowners have no idea how to deal with a malfunction garage door, in these situations, expert technician help should be needed. There are several businesses which are specialized in garage door torsion spring replacement services. You should think wisely before choosing the right services to fix or replace the garage door springs.

Most malfunction garage door problems are associated with the springs. They may lose their tension and break suddenly. Due to damaged garage door springs, you will not able to operate the garage door smoothly. Conducting a DIY garage door spring replacement work may sound simple enough but it is actually a job of professional to make a garage door safer and functional.

The first important factor that you should be kept in mind while hiring a garage door repair expert is evaluating their experiences and skills they have. The company should be licensed and have staff with good training and experience in this field. There are countless professionals that are more than pleased to fix your garage door problems and help you to save your money, time, and life.  Make sure that you have chosen the right solution that will not stretch your dollars.

The other important and decisive factor in choosing the right garage door services is the reputation and reliability of the company and the clarity of the services contract.  They also provide you a well-written estimation that will be signed by you before they do anything. Make sure that they clearly explained the cost of their services and how they will work. If they are offering a free estimation, then avail the option. It would be wise to take an estimation first. Don’t forget to check if they are offering any warranty and how long it will be (limited or lifetime). The last but not least curious point is making sure that their contact details are correct and they have active phone numbers.

Garage door repair services are very important for you to feel secure about your garage door even when you are leaving home. Don’t waste your time finding a beauty, reliability, and affordability in one package. Running with cheap services may cost you more in the long run.

Fortunately, there are some overhead garage door issues that you can fix on your own. If you are well familiar with the mechanism of garage door, have someone else to support you, and know what will you do, then DIY garage door repair is a good option. Don’t forget that garage door springs are heavy equipment and are placed under extreme tension. Don’t put yourself and your love ones into danger. Think again and again before conducting DIY garage door repair work.