lady bartender serving customers

Gerald F.

I really love Billie’s Black Bar! The lounge used to be my favorite hangout place after dining in the restaurant. However, when I turned to legal age, I tried having a few drinks at the bar and I surprisingly loved everything they serve! After that, the bar became now my favorite place after eating at the restaurant. It is a good place for chilling out and relaxing so it’s perfect for me.

Joanna W.

Billie’s Black really has amazing dishes in their restaurant. I love that they have tons of cuisines that they serve and offer so that their customers can try out different kinds of meals and dishes from time to time. It is a great place to dine in so I really recommend coming to Billie’s Black restaurant if ever you find yourself craving for different kinds for foods.

Rain F.

The lounge was pretty huge that it can accommodate me and my friends anytime we visit the restaurant and the bar. I really have nothing to say against Billie’s Black because everything about their places is great and it’s very cozy for everyone. I don’t know about others but Billie’s Black is my favorite place to go to!

Kyle A.

I never really drank a lot in the past but that changes when my friends brought me to Billie’s Black bar. It really has an amazing variety of drinks that I can choose from. After celebrating my friend’s birthday in this bar, I started to come here even when I am alone. Since then the Billie’s Black has been my favorite place to visit whenever I want to have a drink and especially if I want to have a good meal. This place is great whether you’re alone or not. I recommend coming here if you want to experience new things!