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Billie’s Black Lounge, Bar, and Restaurant started as a small bar in Michigan. We have put up this business in the year 2006 and we never expected to be in this field up until now. We only wanted to build our own business that year because our family needs a place to earn a decent sum of money. Since my sister graduated from college with the course connected to business and me with a course connected to foods and drinks, we decided to put up a small bar. It wasn’t that much especially since our place is simple enough to make us earn the money that we need for our family.

My sister and I considered finding a different job but that plan was disregarded because more and more people come to our place to hang around and drink. We were able to expand our place because of people’s interest and love for our bar until one day, we decided to put up and extension to our bar which is a small restaurant that can accommodate more people. It was a great idea because many people really wanted us to serve more than just drinks. The business then started to grow more until we also achieved putting up our own lounge.

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Up until now, the Billie’s Black Lounge, Bar, and Restaurant continues to grow and expand. We are happy to serve as many people as we can and we will continue to serve them as long as time will permit us to. Other than that, our family will continue the business improvements and developments needed so that we can better serve you in the future. We hope to see people in different places soon as we hope to give them the satisfaction they need from our place. We will try not to disappoint and only grow more in the future so that the Billie’s Black can be a place for a wide range of people.